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Are you ready for offshore?

Being offshore for a short or longer period takes a certain mind-set and lifestyle.


Below we have made a list of things you should be settled with before you aim for a career offshore:


Safety conduct – safety is of outmost importance in the offshore industry and it is required that you always act according to operative safety procedures and that you are fully certified in regards of safety courses.
Zero-tolerance – concerning alcohol and drugs.
Health certificate – you need to be in good physical and mental health (hereunder being aware of potential phobias that could affect your job).
Criminal record – you need an unblemished criminal record to be able to work offshore.
Team player – you work in a close environment and therefore you need both independence and cooperative skills to work offshore.
Irregular hours – in the period offshore you work many hours a day and often also at night.
International environment – the working environment will consist of many different nationalities and you therefor need good language skills (primarily English) as well as cultural understanding.

Family support – it is important that the whole family is settled with the situation and that you are unavailable in the offshore period.

Transport – the transportation time to your destination can be long depending on where you are working.
Supplementary training – in your home periods you must expect to spend time on recertification and other supplementary training.



If you can accept the items listed above, a career offshore could be something for you! 


Olie & gas or wind?

Before you enter the industry, it is important to consider whether you want to work with offshore wind or offshore oil and gas. The safety courses varies from the wind industry and oil and gas industry.

Are you interested in the wind industry; you will have to do the GWO (Global Wind Organization) course. If you prefer to work in the oil and gas industry, you will have to do the BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) course.

You can find more information under safety courses.


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Are you ready for offshore?

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