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About us

About Work in Offshore

The purpose of Work in offshore is to attract qualified manpower to the offshore companies in Denmark and to attract students and course participants to the educational opportunities within the offshore industry.

Work in Offshore is point of contact for everybody in the line of business.

If you as an employee work in another sector and you would like to work in the offshore sector, Work in offshore can give you information about the opportunities. If you are unemployed you can also find information about your future job opportunities in the offshore industry.

If you represent a company and are responsible for education and training of present and future employees to comply with the company’s needs, you have also come to the right place. Work in offshore acts as a link between companies and providers of education and training.

Work in offshore does not recruit employees but informs about and markets the industry to attract employees/applicants for education/training and companies in that way.

Work in offshore is anchored in Business in close collaboration with the Energy Team at Jobcenter Esbjerg. If you wish to know more about the career opportunities specifically in Esbjerg, you can find more information at www.energymetropolis.com.

If you have any questions, which are not answered on the website, you are always welcome to contact the Energy Team.


Best regards

Birgit Bech Jensen

Head of marketing, Business Esbjerg

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