Life offshore

Why take the car to work when you can take a helicopter?

The offshore industry offers a different work life where you e.g. can work at a drilling rig in the North Sea. You can have many different functions when you work offshore, from blacksmith to roustabout, but it all takes a certain mind-set and lifestyle. You need team spirit and to be set at working across different functions. It is a hectically and sometimes tough working environment where safety is never compromised. You also need to know that there is an international environment at a drilling rig with many different cultures.


Teamwork and a meaningful job

When you hundreds of kilometers offshore in the North Sea for weeks in a row, you establish a special bond with your co-workers. There is often a family-like feeling at a drilling rig because you work, eat and live together. You are cut off from the outside world and live in a small independent society where you need to things to work. It brings along good fellowship and you often hear people missing it in their onshore periods.

As an offshore employee in the Danish part of the North Sea you are offshore for two weeks and onshore for three weeks. This means long days and a busy schedule when you are offshore and you need to concentrate 100% on the job. When you are onshore you have time to care for your family and friends. It requires the whole family’s accept of you being away for longer periods.


Work and safety goes hand-in-hand

As an employee in the offshore industry you quickly learn that safety is the top priority. When you land in a helicopter on a drilling rig you see how important safety is. It is vital that safety never will be compromised and this means that you will have time to do your work properly. This appeals to many offshore employees.

If an accident happens on a drilling rig no one doubts what to do. This is ensures via safety courses that are obligatory for all employees in the industry.

If you think an international working environment with technical tasks and a different workplace at sea sounds appealing, then the offshore industry is definitely for you!


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A job in offshore is more than a job, its a way of life!


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