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A knowledge-intensive industry in constant change

Today, the offshore industry is one of the most significant in Denmark with a turnover around DKK 110 billion. Especially consulting, design and production as well as monitoring and maintenance of oil/gas installations and sea turbines are our strengths in Denmark.

The predictions are increased demand in oil and gas in the next decades and also increase in demand of alternative energy sources. This also means, that the industry expects an increase in offshore jobs, expects the number to double towards 2020. Today, 15,000 people are employed in the oil/gas industry and 10,000 people in the offshore wind industry.

Being knowledgeable is a big part of the offshore industry and, according to, up to 20% of the jobs in the industry is knowledge-intensive. Examples of consulting in the wind sector are metrological forecasts, inspections and maintenance of arms as well as consulting about wind conditions and placement of the turbines. In relation to the oil/gas industry the focus is e.g. development of new methods to increase the recovery rate of oil fields. Companies in the Danish part of the North Sea have been challenged by difficult conditions that have resulted in innovative solutions giving the Danish oil- and gas technology a leading position. By every percentage you can increase the recovery rate you will increase the production turnover in the Danish sector by DKK 50 billion.

The opportunities are many and the offshore industry offer a range of career options – you just need to choose one!


Are you ready for a challenge?

As the oil and gas fields are getting older the oil extraction are being more technically and commercially challenging. Therefore there is a significant need for specialised engineers with the technical knowhow to develop new methods to maximise production.

It is not only oil and gas that need the best brains; offshore wind also has challenges to reduce costs. Here you can find synergy by creating innovative solutions for both the oil/gas and offshore wind industry. In both industries steel constructions must be designed, manufactured, installed and operated.

The many complex challenges have caused the companies to recruit specialists from outside Denmark. It has caused a healthy diversity in the work force as well as an international working environment.


You do not have to be seaworthy!

It is a common belief that you need to be seaworthy and be able to leave your family for weeks to work in the offshore industry. But in reality, many of the jobs, up to 70%, are onshore.

Many of the tasks are solved better, cheaper and safer onshore. This applies to e.g. product development, project management, planning of logistics, monitoring of wind farms etc.

So even if you are not seaworthy you can still aim for a career offshore – both nationally and internationally.


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