Higher Education

There are many opportunities for an interesting career in the offshore industry when you are a graduate of higher education.

Graduates from bachelor programmes like Marine Engineering or Technical Manager Offshore are often requested by offshore companies. The practical and theoretical approach to tasks is suitable in many functions in the offshore industry. You can work offshore at production rigs or wind farms. Also, there are many jobs onshore within management, planning, product development and much more.

Also, many engineers are employed in the offshore industry. If you are planning to become an engineer or already are, you have the possibility to choose the offshore industry as your career path. You can e.g. work with development of new wings for wind farms, project management at oil and gas rigs or securing vital electrical systems so they are reliable and easy to maintain.

Common for all the jobs is that the working environment is international with challenging technical tasks and good opportunities to work around the world.

The tasks are many-sided depending on the company and project. In addition to seeking information here at Work in Offshore, we recommend you to find more detailed information about the jobs at the companies’ websites.


Please notice:
This website provides a general description of positions and tasks and does not function as a recruitment agency or an education provider. Instead, please use the provided links to the companies’ and education providers’ websites.

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