Unskilled worker

Offshore job opportunities for unskilled workers

Are you an unskilled worker and ready for new challenges? Then the offshore industry could be an opportunity for you.

The tasks are many sided and vary depending on which company and the type of project you are working on.

Within oil/gas and offshore-wind there is a need for people undertaking odd jobs e.g. assisting loading and unloading, cranage at drilling rigs, surface treatments and erection of scaffolding.

If you have experience as an unskilled craftsman, e.g. blacksmith, mechanic, painter, carpenter etc., you can attend courses that qualify you to work at a drilling rig or a wind farm. It is not essential that you have a lot of experience, but you must have solid craftsman skills.

As an unskilled worker you can also work as a kitchen assistant or steward/stewardess. The tasks are similar to an onshore job but it is recommended that you have experience and relevant certificates e.g. hygiene.

If you need inspiration you can find all of the qualifying courses at the education providers’ websites. Also, you can find inspiration in menu on the left under the specific job functions.


Please notice:
This website provides a general description of positions and tasks and does not function as a recruitment agency or an education provider. Instead, please use the provided links to the companies’ and education providers’ websites.

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