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Offshore job opportunities for skilled workers

If you have a background as a skilled worker or craftsman you have a good foundation for a future in the offshore industry.

The tasks are many-sided but depend on the company and project you are working on.

Are you a blacksmith, electrician, mechanic or skilled within another craft, you can qualify for the offshore industry by attending the obligatory safety courses.

The oil- and gas industry has very high quality standards and therefore blacksmiths with precise welding skills and attention to detail are needed. Blacksmiths with climbing skills are very useful when repairs at the exterior of a drilling rig or turbine are needed.

Additionally, electricians are in demand to find and fix problems at turbines, as well as mechanics are needed to ensure the operation of mechanic equipment on drilling rigs and turbines.

Scaffolding is a big part of the work at the energy installations at sea. Here a background as a skilled carpenter can be a starting point as a scaffolder offshore.

The opportunities are many if you are flexible and ready to learn something new. With the right courses you can top up your skilled background and qualify for a new and exiting career in the offshore industry.


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This website provides a general description of positions and tasks and does not function as a recruitment agency or an education provider. Instead, please use the provided links to the companies’ and education providers’ websites.

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